1. ARCHIVE: The cultural importance of architecture and its significant role in human experience and memory are continuing themes in my work. Certain buildings call to mind important moments in an individual's life, they remind us of our place in the present, and connect us to our past. My images are intended to trigger these responses and to examine our cultural narrative. In creating a photographic archive of these structures the link between architecture and the collective memory is emphasized.

2. RE-CONSTRUCTION: By dismantling and recreating spatial encounters, I investigate how the medium
of photography has the capacity to influence our experience of space. My primary interest is to create an interstitial visual space that speaks directly to the embodied nature of perception.

Using a hybrid of analogue photography and digital technology I construct images that reference the indexical reality of the film negative, while presenting the hyperreality of digital environments. Like the idealizations of human memory I seek to create spaces that are formally ordered, odd, and strangely familiar—drawing attention to how the limitations of perception mediate our experience of environments.